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The Core Planning Group for OHBCUD, within an international human rights framework, envisions the  preservation of the historic legacy, socio-economic and institutional empowerment of HBCUs and PBIs and, by extension, the well-being of the predominantly African Descendant communities of which they are an integral part.


In order to fulfill its vision, while seeking full compliance and harmonization will all relevant human rights covenants and declarations, the CPG, Inc commits itself to the following mission:

  • To develop policy initiatives, in collaboration with appropriate US government agencies, that will preserve and protect the legacy of HBCUs and PBIs and, thereby, avoid the enactment of public policies that might otherwise have disproportionately negative effects on National/Ethnic Minorities and AfricanDescent Communities in the U.S.A.

  • To establish varied modes of international educational and socio-economic cooperation and exchange among comparable institutions and entities in countries throughout the African Diaspora and beyond

  • To ensure that all organizational members and stakeholders, committed to the preservation and empowerment of HBCUs and PBIs, will exercise ongoing and collective responsibility to assure that the ultimate purpose, goals and identified objectives of the corporation will be achieved.

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