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The CPG, Inc invites all stakeholders committed to preserving the legacy and future of our HBCU and PBI institutions to become actively involved. We provide seven (7) distinct categories of membership to ensure that all stakeholders are properly represented. In accordance with corporate bylaws, members shall nominate and elect local/regional/national representatives for the organization. The membership categories, and corresponding annual membership fees, are as follows:

  • HBCU and PBI Institutional Membership                   $700

  • HBCU and PBI Administrators/Faculty/Staff            $25

  • Currently Enrolled HBCU or PBI Student                   $10

  • HBCU or PBI Alumni                                                     $20

  • Fraternity or Sorority Organization Membership      $200

  • Local Community Organization in Service Area        $40

       Contiguous to HBCU or PBI

  • General Donation                                                           $15 minimum request                                                     

Kindly complete the convenient membership form that follows. After filling in the core information, then complete the remaining section(s) depending on your personal HBCU/PBI stakeholder, community organization or donor at large category. Upon receipt of your application and annual fee, you will receive a formal confirmation and follow up communication.  

Thank You !

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